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Recent editions of Phantom Circuit

Here are the two most recent shows. To hear previous editions, see the list of series below.

  • Phantom Circuit #218: Optic Charm Unit

    Phantom Circuit #218: Optic Charm Unit

    See your way to being charmed by the music of Aileen Stanley, Tom Ellard, Sparks, Neu!, Salaryman, Empty Helix, Giant Gutter from Outer Space, Morocco Dave, C. Reider / Eyelight, Simon Heartfield, Dissolved & Nonima and Sevenism.
  • Phantom Circuit #217: Hi, Trim Occupant

    Phantom Circuit #217: Hi, Trim Occupant

    Who’s that at the door? It’s Phantom Circuit, offering you music by K.Markov, Keith Seatman, saneLIV, Eeem (Eim), False Door, Norah Lorway, Opendoor, Moolah, The Residents, LoE LoF LoN / Wayne Rex, Spaceship and Corina Lawrence / Uji. Be sure to listen or Gort won’t be happy.

How to listen to Phantom Circuit

Besides being carried by radio station Resonance Extra, Phantom Circuit is available instantly via on-demand streaming. See the list below to see what you can listen to right now.

The embedded audio players on this site work well under most modern Web browsers, so if you do have any problems, just try a different browser or listen at Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPod or iPad) and Android are also available.

Explore earlier shows

Find out about previous shows. Audio streaming is still available for nearly of them.

Series 5
2016 – present
Series 4
21 shows, 2015 – 2016
Series 3
122 shows + 1 guest mix, 2010 – 2014
Series 2
16 shows, 2009
Series 1
14 shows, 2008 – 2009

Try one of these randomly selected shows from series 5

  • Phantom Circuit #208: Fab ChristmasPhantom Circuit #208: Fab Christmas
    Listen at the press of a button for music by Slaw, Sy Mann, Marcy, Jodie Lowther, Tomita, Bernard Szajner, Carya Amara, T.a.t.u., Paul McCartney, The Happy Crickets, Dreamstate, Galun, ZXC, Castleview and Coil.
  • Phantom Circuit #192: ProspectsPhantom Circuit #192: Prospects
    With music by The Residents, Ï-Dogx, Spaceship, Logical Disorder, Sternenspringer and more.

Here’s another random selection of shows to try

  • Phantom Circuit #108
    The feel of the autumn sun. Phantom Circuit #108 (21st Oct. 2012) by Phantom Circuit on Mixcloud Use the player above to listen to the show, or see the help section if …
  • Phantom Circuit #6
    Once again lots of music has been squeezed in so expect plenty of segues… Thanks to Bad Tempered for the demo. “You have earned the puppy you will be taking with you …

Features and highlights

You can find examples of sessions, interviews and live music featured in Phantom Circuit on the Features and Highlights page.

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