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Phantom Circuit #276: with a session by Jodie Lowther

Phantom Circuit 276

An exclusive session by Jodie Lowther, plus music by Klaus Morlock, Christopher McFall, Van Der Graaf Generator, The Hunted Hare, Z-Arc, Harold Budd - Elizabeth Fraser - Robin Guthrie - Simon Raymonde, Alizée, Граница Затмения and Ian Elms.

First broadcast by Resonance Extra on Thursday, 24 October 2019

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Artist Track Source Starts
Klaus Morlock Dead Maids Title Sequence Dead Maids Assembly 00:00
Jodie Lowther A String Was Wound Session for Phantom Circuit 03:08
Christopher McFall Tightrope's Ailing A Long Time Running for The Suicide Strays 06:32
Van Der Graaf Generator Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever (Running) The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome 11:44
Jodie Lowther Cats Eyes Session for Phantom Circuit 17:19
The Hunted Hare Matilda Nocturne 20:55
Z-Arc The Jade Rabbit S27-X (II) 22:55
Harold Budd - Elizabeth Fraser - Robin Guthrie - Simon Raymonde Memory Gongs The Moon and the Melodies 26:54
Jodie Lowther Euphonia Session for Phantom Circuit 35:01
Jodie Lowther From the Tideless Sea Session for Phantom Circuit 38:24
Alizée À Contre-Courant Mes Courants Électriques... 40:39
Граница Затмения Electriclights Прекрасное Жестоко 45:00
Jodie Lowther Ghost Lights Session for Phantom Circuit 48:27
Jodie Lowther Hither and Yon Session for Phantom Circuit 49:42
Ian Elms Overthere comes Overhere Good Night 53:50
Jodie Lowther Storm Glass Session for Phantom Circuit 56:20