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Send Your Music to Phantom Circuit

The Essential Information

Phantom Circuit welcomes submissions from creators and labels who think their music may fit into this very unusual radio show (if you have not yet heard Phantom Circuit, why not listen now?).

All valid submissions are listened to. Phantom Circuit is a 100% free radio show that take does take a lot of time to prepare, so no time is left over to handle invalid submissions. Therefore read the following information carefully. It's all very simple and will only take you a minute. Thank you.

Here is how to send a link to your tagged MP3 album or EP. It's simple, but please read carefully.

👉 The audio files must be correctly tagged* MP3s**.

* You probably know all about tagging MP3s with artist, album and track names, but if not see the explanation below.
** If anyone out there uses tagged AAC M4a files (the successor to MP3s!): yes, these are also welcome.
Remember, no WAVs. MP3 (or M4a) files only.

👉 Send a download link (URL) for your album/EP.

e.g. or

This must be a single download link for the whole release - not links for each track (that's far too much work!).

Do not send audio files as email attachments. Just send the download link.

👉 Once you have read the requirements above...

... You can use this email address.

Please note that his email address may be changed later, so always use this email link.

Check that your MP3s are tagged

Tags contain the information that you see when you play music in iTunes or other audio players. The following tags are essential as a bare minimum: artist names, track titles and album name. We will not use audio files that omit or muddle up those basic tags.

Tag your MP3s

Telling you when your music has been featured

Phantom Circuit uses Twitter and many of the major social media platforms. We "mention" artists and labels in posts when their music has been included in the show. To help this happen, feel free to state your account names or "handles" for Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / VK when submitting your music.

When music cannot be played

Sometimes it is not possible to include tracks due to lack of time or because the material is not quite right for the show at present. It’s disappointing for Phantom Circuit as well as artists and labels when music cannot be included but you will understand that radio shows have to make such choices. If your music is not featured straight away then it might still be aired at a later date and of course further submissions will be welcome.

Plan B

If you have any problems with the email link, please message Phantom Circuit on Twitter.