How to Send Your Music

Submissions are welcome

Phantom Circuit welcomes submissions from creators and labels who think their music may fit into this very unusual radio show (if you have not yet heard Phantom Circuit, why not listen now?).

Sometimes it is not possible to include submitted music, due to lack of time or because the material is not quite right for the show at present, but if your music is not featured straight away then it might still be aired at a later date.

Send a download link

We need high-quality MP3 or M4a audio files. The files must be tagged (artists, track titles etc). Send your link using the form below but first please read the following tips.

  • • Provide all tracks together as a single download.
  • If your files are on Bandcamp, you can send download codes.
  • If your files are on on Dropbox you can send a link.
  • No WAVs. Remember, we can use tagged MP3 or M4a only.

Check that your audio files are tagged

Tags contain the information that you expect to see shown in iTunes or any other audio player. The following details are essential as a bare minimum: artist name, track titles and album name. We cannot make use of audio files that omit or muddle up these basic tags.

Notifications on Twitter

Feel free to state your Twitter name if you would like a mention there when your music is played.

Thank you for reading that… Here’s the form!