About the show


An Introduction to Phantom Circuit

Phantom Circuit is a programme of strange and wonderful sound waves that you can hear streamed over the internet. It can also now be heard over DAB radio in Brighton & Hove, UK, via Resonance Extra.

Since October 2008 Phantom Circuit has promoted and supported music that is alien, electronic, exotic, essential.… plus familiar objects viewed from unusual angles… All of it is worth a try, so we hope you will listen in.

Do not be concerned by the presence of atmospheric disturbances, electronic voice phenomena and mysterious signals: these are all integral parts of the Phantom Circuit.

History and Highlights

The first two series of the show were made as part of an effort to help start an internet radio station; the final edition of that run was in August 2009. In April 2010 the programme was relaunched using the Mixcloud streaming service. Previously broadcast shows were uploaded too and nearly all editions of Phantom Circuit can still be heard at the click of a button.

Since March 2016, Phantom Circuit has been regularly carried by Resonance Extra, over that radio station’s own Internet streaming service and in Brighton & Hove, UK, over DAB radio.

Every edition has something unique to offer, but in addition to the mix of unusual music you will also find live music, interviews and other features from a wide range of artists. See the list of past editions or our list of special features.

Calling Musicians

If you enjoy the show, we might well enjoy your music too. Please see the FAQ for details on how to send us your releases.

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