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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

How can I listen to Phantom Circuit?

Use the Mixcloud players on this site or at

New editions are made available for you to hear via on-demand streaming on this site soon after their first broadcast on Resonance Extra. See the list of all shows on this site or visit Phantom Circuit’s page on And please follow Phantom Circuit on Mixcloud if you would like to be told whenever a new show can be heard!

Or listen to the weekly broadcasts on Resonance Extra

New editions of Phantom Circuit are first broadcast by radio station Resonance Extra every Thursday at 11 pm UK time. This may vary on rare occasions, according to the station’s changing scheduling needs.

You can listen to Resonance Extra’s live stream on its Web site as well as on many popular radio stream aggregator sites. It can also be heard over DAB radio in the UK in Brighton & Hove, London, Bristol, Norwich and Cambridge.

Or listen to Phantom Circuit and other shows on Resonance Extra's Mixcloud page

Resonance Extra archives Phantom Circuit and other shows it has broadcast in its own Mixcloud channel. However, only the independent Mixcloud channel for Phantom Circuit provides timestamp information for the track currently playing.

Or listen on Soundcloud

Resonance Extra also archives Phantom Circuit and other shows it has broadcast on its Soundcloud page. Uploads of Phantom Circuit are reposted from that account, on their own, in Phantom Circuit's page on Soundcloud.

How can I find out about new editions of the show?

Please follow Phantom Circuit on Mixcloud or use one of the social media options which are shown at the bottom of this page.

Why can’t I download the shows instead of streaming them?

This is for copyright compliance. Shows are streamed via MixCloud, which has a licensing arrangement with the Performing Right Society for streaming only. Downloadable podcasts would require a different licensing arrangement (or the removal of nearly all the commercially released tracks) so someone would have to pay for that. Streaming means that Phantom Circuit can bring you a wide range of music for free.

Can I skip forwards and backwards through a show’s audio?

You can use the slider at the bottom of the Mixcloud audio player for each show to skip forwards through the audio, and on you can also click on the waveform display to skip forwards, however, with effect from October 2019, Mixcloud no longer allows listeners to skip backwards through audio unless they are paying subscribers to its service.

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How can I send my music to Phantom Circuit?

There is a page just for you!