Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Listening to Phantom Circuit

Using the Mixcloud player

Sending your music to Phantom Circuit

How can I listen to Phantom Circuit?

Listen right now using on-demand audio on this site

New editions are made available for you to hear via on-demand streaming on this site within a day or two of their first broadcast on Resonance Extra (or sooner, if the station has to delay broadcast).

See the list of all shows on this site or visit Phantom Circuit’s page on Mixcloud.com.

DAB radio and streaming on Resonance Extra

You can also hear Phantom Circuit on radio station Resonance Extra at 7 pm UK time on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month (this revised schedule takes effect in 2018). This may vary once in a while, according to the station’s changing scheduling needs.

You can listen to Resonance Extra’s live stream on its Web site. It can also be heard over DAB radio in the city of Brighton & Hove and some surrounding areas. Resonance Extra archives Phantom Circuit and other shows it has broadcast in its Mixcloud channel.

How can I find out about new editions of the show?

You can follow Phantom Circuit on Mixcloud or use one of the many social media options provided.

Why can’t I download the shows instead of streaming them?

This is for copyright compliance. Shows are streamed via MixCloud, which has a licensing arrangement with the Performing Right Society for streaming only. Downloadable podcasts would require a different licensing arrangement (or the removal of nearly all the commercially released tracks) so someone would have to pay for that. Streaming means that Phantom Circuit can bring you a wide range of music for free.

Can I skip forwards and backwards through a show’s audio?

Yes, you can use the slider at the bottom of the Mixcloud audio player for each show.

In the USA (only!), you will not be able to move the slider backwards – only forwards! Mixcloud explains that this is a USA copyright agreement issue. Anywhere else in the world, you will be allowed to scrub forwards and backwards.

Why can’t I go to the track by clicking on its name in the player?

Mixcloud has not designed its player to work like this (for various good reasons). In any case, Phantom Circuit is in the format of a radio programme and is not like a jukebox or Spotify or iTunes. It’s meant to be listened to as a whole. Nevertheless, you can move the slider (see above) to move backwards and forwards in the show. You can see Mixcloud’s page on this subject for their explanation.

How can I send my music to Phantom Circuit?

Submissions are always welcome

We are always delighted to be sent music. Due to time constraints we can’t always include everything we would like to, but if your music is not featured straight away then it might still be aired at a later date.

Correspondence cannot be entered into about when tracks will be included in the show, but all submissions are very much appreciated.

Send us a link

Simply send us a link to your music so that we can download it. We will need high-quality MP3 or M4a audio files. Send your download link using the contact page.

It really is that easy, but please note the following requests.

  • ✔ If possible, make all of the tracks available together as a single download.
  • ❌ No Soundcloud links please, since they only allow tracks to be downloaded one at a time.
  • ✔ If your files are on Bandcamp, you can send us a download code, as Bandcamp explains.
  • ✔ If your files are on on Dropbox you can send a link, as explained on the Dropbox site.

If your music is not already on the Internet and you are not sure how you can upload it, let us know and we will suggest some easy ways to do this.

Remember to tag your files

You surely already tag your audio files. Tags contain the information that you expect to see shown in iTunes or any other audio player: in particular essential details such as the artist name, track titles and album name. When this information is missing, keeping track of music submissions becomes much more difficult so please always tag your music files if you want them to be heard.

How will I know when my music has been played?

The most enjoyable way is surely to listen to the shows, or at least look at the playlists! But if you tell us the name of your Twitter account you will normally be mentioned in a tweet too. You can also subscribe follow Phantom Circuit on Mixcloud or use one of the many social media options provided to glance at the latest playlist. Please do not ask for individually tailored notifications by email since there is just not enough time for that.

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