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Phantom Circuit #334: Rogue Beauty

Phantom Circuit 334

Music by Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66, Stephen Holly, Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman, Billy Currie, Fentom, Trajedesaliva, Tomislav Simovic, Z-Arc, Emilian Gatsov, Impuls, Adrian Borland & the Citizens, Paddy Kingsland, Day Before Us, John Foxx, Andrew Wasylyk, Ralph Kinsella, Blear Moon and Udarniy Zeh.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Monday, 2 August 2021.

Hear the show on Mixcloud.


Artist Track Source Starts
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 Watch What Happens Equinox 00:00
Stephen Holly Everything Has Happened A Kind of Acceptance 03:00
Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman The Darkness Gives Me You Again Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman and the Theremin 11:12
Billy Currie Theremin Push 13:42
Fentom Trichophagia Trichotillomania 17:46
Trajedesaliva Queremos Verte Ultratumba 23:32
Tomislav Simovic Waste of Emotional Energy (Repeated Viewing Remix) Visitors from the Galaxy Revisited 26:56
Z-Arc The Matter Myth Sectioned v7.0 31:57
Emilian Gatsov Aftersex Mythology MFPWNWFOI 35:40
Emilian Gatsov Melancholy MFPWNWFOI 37:30
Impuls Čtverácký (Sly) Jazzrocková Dílna (Jazzrock Workshop) 42:53
Adrian Borland & the Citizens Rogue Beauty Alexandria 51:42
Paddy Kingsland Denizens of the Air Storytellers 54:54
Day Before Us As an Heart Tuned Dry and Dust (The Ancient Mariner) As My Spirit Wanders Free 56:20
John Foxx Oceanic II London Overgrown 1:00:07
Andrew Wasylyk Blossomlessness #2 Balgay Hill: Morning in Magnolia 1:09:33
Ralph Kinsella The Angel of Raasay Lessening 1:14:11
Blear Moon Further Discovery Expanding Lands 1:16:43
Udarniy Zeh Shining Gem Post-Game Colony 1:20:13