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Phantom Circuit #22: From ghostly musicians on TV… to dolphin-friendly tuners…

Ghostly musicians on TV, dolphin-friendly tuners, summer (may not be available in the southern hemisphere or in the UK), a descent into the darkness and a waltz in orbit… You know the sort of thing: it’s just your normal, paranormal, abnormal phantom circuitry…

Music by Laurie Anderson, Pandacetamol, The Danse Society, Minny Pops, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Roger S. Payne, P. Affolter-Zinner, The Normal, Ray Cathode, Tom Siddevelt & Kid Baltan, Forgotten Ruins, Terry Riley, Adrian Wagner and Boards of Canada.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #22

Available from 14th June 2009

Artist Track Source
Laurie Anderson Example #22 Big Science
Pandacetamol Shame Spiral Heavy Concentration
The Danse Society Dolphins There is No Shame in Death
Minny Pops Dolphin’s Spurt Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement
Yellow Magic Orchestra Dolphinicity Technodon
Roger S. Payne [sound recordist] Humpbacks: Herd Noises Deep Voices: The Second Whale Record
P. Affolter-Zinner [sound recordist] Paranormale Musik Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik
The Normal T.V.O.D. Warm Leatherette
Ray Cathode Waltz in Orbit Time Beat
Tom Siddevelt & Kid Baltan Sonik Re-Entry Electronic Toys 2
Forgotten Ruins Dark Descent Forgotten Ruins
Terry Riley In the Summer Les Yeux Fermés & Lifespan
Adrian Wagner Solstice Distances Between Us
Boards of Canada Sunshine Recorder Geogaddi