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Phantom Circuit #161: Dark / Undark

Music by Sigil, Bernthøler, Jean Schwartz, Project Undark, Midnight Circuitry Society, M.Nomized, Death Squad, Howard Shore, Tuxedomoon and Favourite’s Group.

Use the player above to listen. If it’s missing or you can’t hear anything, see the help section.

For the full story of the Radium Girls, see ‘Undark and the Radium Girls‘ and the Wikipedia entry.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #161

Available from 11th August 2015

Artist Track Source
Sigil Intro (Wunch Of Bankers) Age Of Deceit
Bernthøler The Curtain Long A History Of Berntholer 1981 – 1985
Jean Schwarz Rideau 3e Acte Year Of The Horse / L’Enfance de Vladimir Kobalt
Jean Schwartz The Great One-Step (Radium Dance) The Great One-Step (Radium Dance)
Project Undark Radium Girls Radium Girls 2011
Midnight Circuitry Society Radium Buildings, Quartz & Radium
M.Nomized Floater Circuits Death at the End of Lines
Death Squad Decay Prosthetics
Howard Shore A Benevolent Psychopathology Crash
Tuxedomoon Crash Frank Johnson’s Favorites
Favourite’s Group Sampai Gugur Bunga Favourite’s Group Vol. 7