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Phantom Circuit #337 - Mr Chaotic Input

Phantom Circuit 337

Music by Heavy Cloud, Dax Pierson, Kev Hopper, Six Jumping Jacks, Phono Ghosts, Harlequin Mass, My Carbon Life, Crawling Chaos, Flint Glass, Billy Strange, Blacky Daylight, The Night Monitor, Cécil Leuter, Nad Spiro, 555 Sounds, Eric Random, Soreboi, Andrew Sprrw, Mark S Williamson and Alain Morisod.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Friday, 27 August 2021.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Heavy Cloud Garden of Sorrows An Act of Forgetting 00:00
Dax Pierson I Slay the Pain Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction) 03:58
Kev Hopper Marzipanned Tonka Beano 08:09
Six Jumping Jacks I Do Not Choose to Run I Do Not Choose to Run 14:09
Phono Ghosts Anti Comet Tails Anti Comet Tails 17:10
Harlequin Mass Sky Caller Harlequin Mass 21:31
My Carbon Life Berlin Calling Berlin Calling 31:53
Crawling Chaos Berlin The Gas Chair 35:36
Flint Glass Nyarlathotep Nyarlathotep 42:27
Billy Strange Our Man Flint Secret Agent File 44:08
Blacky Daylight Noon of the Man The Noon Era 46:06
Blacky Daylight Born from Chaos The Noon Era 48:55
The Night Monitor Pyramids of the Year 3000 Perception Report 3 54:37
Cécil Leuter Weird Space Altitude 3000 56:17
Nad Spiro Wireless Conquers Sirius Signals 59:49
Nad Spiro Bonus_ Loops Spectral Machinet Pedreres 1:05:34
555 Sounds Media archeology, gold rush, omnibus American hotel Live from Dirtmall 1:09:43
Eric Random Dirt No-Go 1:12:58
Soreboi Keep Going Not Illusion 1:16:25
Andrew Sprrw Mirages Must Book 1:21:23
Mark S Williamson The Sauna Must Be Booked at Least 24 Hours in Advance You Can Never Leave 1:24:54
Alain Morisod Puisqu’il faut se quitter Sur mon Piano 1:27:11