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Phantom Circuit #238: With a session by Whettman Chelmets

Frenetic lullabies in a session by Whettman Chelmets plus music by AEM, Airboy Express, Rovi, The Protecious, Taxxess, Forseti, RW Able, Eko Fisk, Static Movement, Boards of Canada & Die Doraus und die Marinas.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #238

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on Thursday, 17 January 2019

Artist Track Source
AEM [Frédéric Würtz] Radio Report
Airboy Express Isolation Report Acrylic Sleep Museum
Rovi Evocazione Storia e Preistoria
Protecious * The Summoning of Trolls The Gloss on Blood
Taxxess Nublood Resistance Fatigue
Forseti Müder Wanderer Erde
RW Able Slow Build Theory Peregrination
Eko Fisk Wave Theory Hypnagogia
Static Movement The Waveshaper Visionary Landscapes
Whettman Chelmets Giant Eyes and Infant Steps Session for Phantom Circuit
Boards of Canada Dandelion Geogaddi
Die Doraus und die Marinas Arrivederci Blumen und Narzissen

* The track by Protecious is announced as being by “The Gloss on Blood” but it appears that the label had transposed the artist and album fields in the MP3 tags, so that’s what will happen.