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Phantom Circuit #249: In a Wonderland They Lie

Music by Willie Wonder, Pyrolator, Henrique Martins Duarte, Go Ask Alice, Laibach, The Rockin’ Ramrods, Lewis Francis, DR, Severed Heads, Transient, Psychics, Piero Umiliani, McDonald & Sherby, Folded Grid and Cloud Diameter.

‘It’s too late to correct it,’ said the Red Queen: ‘when you’ve once said a thing, that fixes it, and you must take the consequences.’

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #249

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on 4th April, 2019

Artist Track Source
Willie Wonder Wuthering Heights Keyboards on Parade
Pyrolator Blick durch eine Zeitlupe Wunderland
Henrique Martins Duarte AliceRabbit Sechsig Hochzeitsglocken für T Sechzig – Zwanzig
Go Ask Alice 491250 Ten Little Dreams (and One Bonus Nightmare)
Laibach Anglia Volk
Keith Salmon Westminster at Work The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – A Retrospective
The Rockin’ Ramrods She Lied She Lied (7″)
Lewis Francis Vast Listening Audience Turn of the Grindstone
DR mfql pt.2 #1 Music for Quiet Listening pt.2
Severed Heads Skid Morse Music Server 5
Transient Dash 3 Ton Script
Psychics Dot Dot Phonometrics
Piero Umiliani Nel Cosmo Psichedelica
McDonald & Sherby Space Beam Catharsis
Folded Grid Beam Radius Refractions EP
Cloud Diameter Glass Terminal Cloud Diameter