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Phantom Circuit #35: with an interview with Joanna Quail

Phantom Circuit 35X

Featuring an interview with electrifying electric cellist Joanna Quail of SonVer, recorded after her recent solo performance in Birmingham. Jo tells us about playing the electric cello, loop-based improvisation and her role in the astonishing sound of SonVer.

The music in this edition comes from _voice, Lol Coxhill & Morgan Fisher, Cousin Silas, SonVer and My Brother Daniel.

Available from 29th April 2010.

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Artist Track Source
_voice Once I Met a Girl with the Sun in Her Head Seek and Destroy
Lol Coxhill & Morgan Fisher Flotsam Slow Music
Cousin Silas Driftwood Polished by the Ocean The Snow Imposed Silence
Lol Coxhill & Morgan Fisher Jetsam Slow Music
SonVer Ebusus Luz del Abyss
Joanna Quail interview – part 1
SonVer Transparent Arms SonVer
Joanna Quail interview – part 2
SonVer The Atlas Tree SonVer
Joanna Quail interview – part 3
SonVer Anonima SonVer
Joanna Quail interview – part 4
SonVer Roads Luz del Abyss
My Brother Daniel I am in Control Now no-R-mal