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Phantom Circuit #173: Goody, No Pop

Music by Laica, Bebhionn Laboratory, Carya Amara, Data Snow, Nine Circles, Dissolved, Ivan Black, Bukka White, Karen Dalton, DR, Deutsch Nepal, Drag Racing Underground, The Electric Prunes, Tim Story, Poppy Nogood, Terry Riley, Minny Pops and Popsong’s Factory.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #173

Available from 24th January 2016

Artist Track Source
Laica Tppr [excerpt] Tppr
Bebhionn Laboratory Acoustic Reflex Sensitive Sound
Carya Amara Datapaket Sensitivity
Data Snow Circle Decyphering
Nine Circles What’s There Left Nine Circles
Dissolved Faint Chamber Nine Faint Chamber
Ivan Black The Mysteries of Horizon The Listening Room
Bukka White Good Gin Blues Parchman Farm
Karen Dalton It’s Alright Cotton Eyed Joe
DR OK Braunschweig EP
Deutsch Nepal The Hierophants of Light Deflagration of Hell
Drag Racing Underground Hellfire Hedonist Chariot
The Electric Prunes Long Day’s Flight Underground
Tim Story Map of the Warm Night Shadowplay
Poppy Nogood Shadow Collected Works
Terry Riley Poppy Nogood & The Phantom Band A Rainbow in Curved Air
Minny Pops Ice Cube Wall Secret Stories
Popsong’s Factory D’Ameja My Pops / D’Ameja (7″)