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Phantom Circuit #266: Just You Wait and See

Music by Bad Comfort, Toxic Chicken, Tita Sister, SL Telles / Glenn Sogge / A.H. Fork, Tecra, Carnivorous Plants, Myopic Ape, Ars Sonor, Virlyn, Tony Blackburn, Langax and Cialyn.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #266

First broadcast by Resonance Extra on Thursday, 15 August 2019.

Artist Track Source Starts
Bad Comfort Zimmer Offen (070805) Samstag Abend 00:00
Toxic Chicken Totally Spit Uncomfortable Music 05:35
Toxic Chicken Boom & Gloom Beep 08:28
Tita Sister Disco Ria Disco Ria 13:24
SL Telles / Glenn Sogge / A.H. Fork Drowsy Hoarse Salt Seller Three Way Dance ~ Second Wave 16:05
Tecra Pepper Mint 22:44
Carnivorous Plants St Edith's Well Caer Odor 24:25
Myopic Ape Afon Caer Odor 27:46
Ars Sonor Baggensfjärden Sjöarna 32:44
Virlyn Fjord Aguirre EP 41:16
Tony Blackburn White Cliffs of Dover Tony Blackburn Sings 46:19
Langax BlackboX Elektro FreeX 48:15
Cialyn Wind Farm Sunset Solar Radiance Carry Dreams 54:54