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Phantom Circuit #300: Art Spa

Phantom Circuit 300

A two-hour edition with music by Toxic Chicken, eu, PD Wilder, Fjaler, .mp3Neptune, Klaus Morlock, Jean-Michel Jarre, S.E.T.I., Runningonair, The Downgrade Complex, Cinchel, Podarces, Désaccord Majeur, Letters From Mouse, North Pole, Kraftwerk, Yrrow, Genox, Zed and Synthetic Villains.

Available from Monday, 11 May 2020.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Toxic Chicken Chick Noodle Soup 00:00
eu Оля-Моторчик Дикие 02:33
PD Wilder Hymn 2 O Tokke Hymns 06:37
The Residents The New Hymn (Recessional) Intermission 07:18
Fjaler Lull Nieuwe Electronische Waar 14 11:15
.mp3Neptune Ancient Mechanism/// Empty Faces in Digital Spaces 17:59
Klaus Morlock The Three Faces of Janice The Ascerbi Trilogy (A Compilation) 26:53
Jean-Michel Jarre Chronologie Part 6 [Michel Geiss Remix] Chronologie 8 [single] 29:06
S.E.T.I. Time Weave Nebulation [excerpt] Time Weave Nebulation 32:10
Runningonair Hydrocarbon Clouds 4 Track Tapes 85-86 44:34
Runningonair Triptych 1 4 Track Tapes 85-86 47:57
The Downgrade Complex Scrapyard Diptych Scrapyard Diptych 49:58
Cinchel The Thawing All We Had Were Scraps to Keep Us Fed 56:34
Podarces Parasites? agreed. Frozen Journeys 1:02:49
Désaccord Majeur 6 La Théorie du Chaos 1:08:11
Letters From Mouse Polkemmet (Chaos Studio Remix) Proto Human Remixed 1:19:45
North Pole Trans Humans À Brûle - Pourpoint 1:23:36
Kraftwerk Europa Endlos Trans Europa Express 1:32:43
Yrrow Completely Different Endless 1:41:53
Genox Proto Z Similarities 1:48:33
Zed Harkonnen Visions of Dune 1:54:09
Synthetic Villains Idiots Deluxe Synthetic Villains 1:56:52