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Phantom Circuit #149: For Aristocrats

Music by Cilocub, Fanny, Time Attendant, Startled Insects, Игорь Чернявский, anonymous, Disparition, Laica, Metabolist, O.T. Quartet, Laibach, Four Aristocrats, 6 or 7 and BGUDNA.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #149

Available from 20th October 2014

Artist Track Source
Cilocub Slowly Turning Leaves March Febrile
Fanny Cat Fever Charity Ball
Time Attendant Ermine Fever Blood Hounds
Startled Insects Creatures Curse of the Pheromones
Startled Insects Igor’s Horn Curse of the Pheromones
Игорь Чернявский Дом на набережной Завтра будет Вчера
[uncredited] Appearance in the Water (soundtrack fx) Varan the Unbelievable
Disparition Papers 1989
Laica ID Situation (Production Unit rmx) ID Situation
Metabolist Identify Identify (7”)
O.T. Quartet Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like a Skyscraper) Hold That Sucker Down (12”)
Laibach Vier Personen Neu Konservatiw
Four Aristocrats Get Out and Get Under the Moon Get Out and Get Under the Moon (7”)
6 or 7 Dear Listener Classwar Karaoke – 0011 Survey
BGUDNA Dear Friends This Last Act