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Phantom Circuit #7: Antennae, a guitar lesson, mosquitoes and a positive politician

Music by Kraftwerk, Biosphere, Deuter, John Hyde, Edward Barton, Can, Dead Can Dance, Yamo, Klaus Wunderlich, Yosefa, an uncredited artist and Manufacture.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #7

First broadcast 13th November 2008

Artist Track Source
Kraftwerk Antenna Radioactivity
Biosphere Antennaria Substrata
Deuter Solitary Bird Celebration
John Hyde Red Kite Red Kite
Edward Barton Listen to Edward Here is my Spoon
Can Spoon Anthology
Can Oh Yeah Tago Mago
Dead Can Dance In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated Dead Can Dance
Yamo Mosquito (Hunting Feels Better) Time Pie
Klaus Wunderlich Moskito-Killer Uraltedelschnulzensynthesizergags
Yosefa Coast Line The Desert Speaks
Yosefa Yaraya Yosefa
[uncredited artist] President Speech The Prisoner: File 3
Manufacture World Control Voice of World Control