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Phantom Circuit #357: Sound Inventions

Phantom Circuit 357

Phantom Circuit brings you an interesting and varied selection as usual, but don't listen to this one while driving or operating heavy machinery, because it's quite hypnotic in places! Music by Eko_Fisk, Pluhm, Daniel Blomqvist, Ellen Allien, John Foxx + Harold Budd, Wóma, Klaus Schulze / Julia Messenger, Metrical Dimensions & The Creeping Man, Alpturer, Swansither, mp3Neptune, Crows Labyrinth / Distant Fires Burning / Jon Doe One / Stratosphere, Distant Fires Burning, Sal Solaris, Sevensy and Klaus Weiss.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Thursday, 21 April, 2022.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Eko_Fisk Somewhere Look North 00:00
Pluhm Loro Ci Sono Sempre Stati Canzoni di Buio e Luce 5:33
Daniel Blomqvist Natural Proportions The Comfort of Stars 14:24
Ellen Allien Blumen Blumen EP 19:41
John Foxx + Harold Budd Underwater Flowers Translucence + Drift Music 24:16
Wóma Efenheortnes Drán & Ongalnes 31:16
Klaus Schulze / Julia Messenger Vox 'n'Harmony Contemporary Works 1 37:44
Metrical Dimensions & The Creeping Man Colony Auditory Virus 42:42
Alpturer LR-72 Fused Dimension 47:09
Swansither Splaat Inner Space 51:19
mp3Neptune Spaces Abandoned 🕊 56:40
Crows Labyrinth / Distant Fires Burning / Jon Doe One / Stratosphere Bassbient 4 Bassbients 1:02:57
Distant Fires Burning Book of Rebellion (Anunada Club Mix) Inperspectycon Vol.2 1:10:56
Sal Solaris Untitled [1] Heilige Feuer 1:15:58
Sevensy Reinvention of the Sacred Reinvention of the Sacred 1:20:28
Klaus Weiss Sound Inventions Space Oddities 1:26:31

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