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Phantom Circuit #284: featuring a session by Crows Labyrinth

Phantom Circuit 284

Crows Labyrinth in session for Phantom Circuit plus tracks by James A. McDermid, Revbjelde, Right Hand Left Hand, Dichotomy Engine, Klaus Morlock, Point, Starburst Galaxy, Joel Vandroogenbroeck and The Hunted Hare.

This one was originally uploaded to Mixcloud on Wednesday 15th January but got held up by a bug on the platform. It appeared, 5 days later than intended, on Monday, 20 January 2020.

Available from Monday, 20 January 2020.

Hear the show on Mixcloud


Artist Track Source Starts
James A. McDermid Red Waxed Tears Phantoms 00:00
Revbjelde Verdant Green Hooha Hubbub 09:51
Right Hand Left Hand White Sands Zone Rouge 13:29
Dichotomy Engine Stab in the Back Blood Red Progress 17:40
Klaus Morlock Bleeding Old Negatives 21:48
Point HOWW Human Music 23:59
Starburst Galaxy Dying Empire II Music for Science Fiction, Vol. 1 31:31
Crows Labyrinth Our Last Dream (Phantom Circuit Session) Session for Phantom Circuit 34:58
Joel Vandroogenbroeck Riflessione Introspettiva L'Immagine del Suono 52:00
The Hunted Hare Eleanor Nocturne 56:22