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Phantom Circuit #345 - featuring 'Mystery Archive', a session by Eastern Fear Ritual

Phantom Circuit 345

A brand new session for Phantom Circuit by Eastern Fear Ritual plus tracks by Barbara Morgenstern, Medroxy Progesterone Acetate, Covolux, Incentive, Plastic Bertrand, Telex, Armand Frydman, Telekom, Ryan Summers, Le Kói, Sieben, Overcome of Ultranoise, Dilemma, Faust, Zone and Petridisch.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Friday, 5 November 2021.

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The graphic is a detail of artwork by Eastern Fear Ritual.


Artist Track Source Starts
Barbara Morgenstern Morgentau Enter the Partyzone 00:00
Medroxy Progesterone Acetate Hum of the Morning Star Church of Mandrax 02:51
Covolux Frail God Dream Mediations 07:22
Incentive God Planet Incentive 14:59
Plastic Bertrand Tout Petit la Planete J'te Fais un Plan 19:34
Telex Ça Plane pour Moi Looking for Saint Tropez 27:29
Armand Frydman Telex Telecom 32:47
Telekom Pitcher One on Twoism Volume 3 35:45
Ryan Summers The Curious Story of Brad Halsey Undo Influence 39:40
Le Kói Amends Not Apologies Second Story 43:17
Sieben Rite of Amends Lockdown Sieben Volume 8 47:05
Eastern Fear Ritual Mystery Archive (session for Phantom Circuit) Mystery Archive (session for Phantom Circuit) 53:11
Overcome of Ultranoise Western East Dilemma Stryi Sessions 1:12:27
Dilemma 7 Weltwunder der Technik Dilemma 1:17:50
Faust Wonderworld (Munic 1975) Abzu 1:21:50
Zone Stopping the World Sword of the Sun 1:22:51
Petridisch Zone 1 Z O N E S 1:25:29