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Phantom Circuit #311: Harbour

Phantom Circuit 311

Music by Eyeball, Jacaszek, Chaos as Shelter, Lim, Antipodo, KUNI, Lio, Wax Fruit, Eko_Fisk, Santa Cruz, Lava and Absolute State.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Wednesday, 25 November 2020

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Artist Track Source Starts
Eyeball Paralyze (Theme for a Recurring Film) Paralyze (Theme for a Recurring Film) 00:00
Jacaszek November Late Music for Film 06:06
Chaos as Shelter November Uniform Alpha In the Shelter of Chaos 11:22
Lim Hushpointshelter Embracing Hush 17:48
Antipodo el_silencio Antipodo 23:17
KUNI Hemisphere Coalesce 26:20
Lio Le Banana Split Le Banana Split (7") 34:15
Wax Fruit Nightmares (Become Real) Drowned by the World We Live In 36:38
Eko_Fisk Shoreline Atoll 40:37
Santa Cruz [Denmark] Harbour Daylight 47:38
Lava [Berlin] Holy Fool Tears Are Goin' Home 48:31
Absolute State Fool Paragon 54:56