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Phantom Circuit #212: With a session by Simon Heartfield

In his session for Phantom Circuit, Simon Heartfield brings us ‘D is for Derrida’, a piece inspired by Ken McMullen’s film ‘Ghost Dance’ (1983). Simon is assisted by his long-time collaborator Keith Seatman.

There is also music by Kim Kristensen, Retep Folo, Stanislav Rubyteno, Leaving Richmond, Le Syndicat Electronique, Hawkwind, Nonima and Repeated Viewing.

Use the player above to listen to the show, or see the help section if it is missing.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #212

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on 27th February 2018

Artist Track Source
Kim Kristensen Klædt I Stilhed Aner
Dublock Your Silence is Violence (Barricade) Repulsion
Retep Folo Galactic Pulse Galactic Sounds
Stanislav Rubyteno The Indigo Message Kosmoraum
Leaving Richmond Communications Subcircuits
Le Syndicat Electronique Transmission 001 Philosophie
Simon Heartfield D is for Derrida Session for Phantom Circuit
Hawkwind The Phenomenon of Luminosity Church of Hawkwind
Nonima Deconstruct (ft. Qebo) Recur
Repeated Viewing End Credits (No Escape) Dangerous Obsession (Redux)