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Phantom Circuit #330 - Narcotic Hum Pit

Phantom Circuit 330

Music by Jumble Hole Clough, The Gaye Device, Visitors, Georges Chatelain & Hervé Roy, Rephazer, Bob Lord, Runningonair, X.Y.R., M, Iyari, Survey Channel, Maria de Rossi, D Rothon, Cecil Wary & Alain Feanch, Scream Time, Tuxedomoon, Chuck W., Goatherder, Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide, Covolux, Marc'o Dope-Ra, and Affaire Difficile.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Wednesday, 16 June 2021.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Jumble Hole Clough Entering Another World What I Did on My Holidays 00:00
The Gaye Device Photon Tapes Ingress Egress 03:17
Visitors [Edinburgh] Electric Heat Electric Heat (7") 09:59
Georges Chatelain & Hervé Roy Cool Phasing Guitares Modernes 14:18
Rephazer Playground Playground 17:07
Bob Lord Get Yer Drink Up Playland Arcade 20:30
Runningonair Cocktail Hour Conspiracy Theory 22:36
X.Y.R. Cocktail Party Tourist 27:21
M Join the Party The Official Secrets Act 31:53
Iyari Silent Revolution Ayni 35:42
Survey Channel Prism Lips Silent Graphs 38:49
Maria de Rossi Fille Fille Gueule de Singe 43:02
D Rothon Apeman Spaceman Memories of Earth 47:51
Cecil Wary & Alain Feanch Evanescent Time 1 Scoop 52:14
Scream Time Half-Blinded by a Royal Sunset Scream Time, Now! 54:19
Tuxedomoon 19th Nervous Breakdown Can You Hear Me? 56:05
Chuck W. Voices Anxiety Rock 1:00:48
Goatherder Other Voices (Live) Voices / Other Voices 1:03:00
Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide Somatom 1 Apartment 8 1:06:24
Covolux Sophies Promethazine 1:09:15
Covolux Acts of Kindness Dream Mediations 1:13:27
Marc'o Dope-Ra Act SeelenRecycling 1:20:25
Affaire Difficile P·S·Y·C·H·E [excerpt] P·S·Y·C·H·E 1:24:10