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Phantom Circuit #267: Sonic Attack

Music by Hawkestrel, Introspectrum, Dissolved, JFrank, Magenta, Amanita Phalloides & Heavenchord, Mister Vapor, Natural Life Essence, Antoine de Muynck, Filmy Ghost, Eric Siday and In Vitro.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #267

First broadcast by Resonance Extra on Thursday, 22 August 2019.

Artist Track Source Starts
Hawkestrel Sonic Attack The Future is Us 00:00
Hawkestrel The Future is Us The Future is Us 02:51
Introspectrum Stasigrad Station Present Future (EP) 08:38
Dissolved Viewing the Port Antiseptrick EP 15:45
JFrank Trick Yourself S27-X (I) 19:47
Magenta Illusie Magenta 25:25
Amanita Phalloides & Heavenchord Magenta Haze Magenta Haze 31:04
Mister Vapor From the Periphery Warped Essence 35:59
Natural Life Essence Out at Woodland (Cold Land) Seeds and Spores 41:26
Antoine de Muynck A Room in Woodside Displacement - Belonging 48:03
Filmy Ghost Magnapinna Waves Orbs in My Room 52:29
Eric Siday Heat Wave Sounds of Now 2 55:05
In Vitro Impulso Energeia 56:45