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Phantom Circuit #366 - Featuring a session by The Creeping Man

Phantom Circuit 366

A sinister but spellbinding session by The Creeping Man plus tracks by Cub\cub, Dafra19, Charles Bobuck and Nessie Lessons, Group of Seven, Abdicant, Gemini Revolution, Creeping Eruption, The Creeping Man, Unknown Angel, Perry Rosewood, My Brightest Diamond, Pink Floyd, Pink and Black, A Certain Ratio and Conflux Coldwell.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Thursday, 25 August 2022. The image behind the lettering is used by permission of The Creeping Man.

For more about The Creeping Man, visit the artist's Web site and Bandcamp page.

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Artist Track Source Starts
The Creeping Man Daughter of the Green Lights Widower 00:00
Cub\cub Journey Into Light Radiant Crush 05:21
Dafra19 Trippin Lesson #1 09:02
Charles Bobuck and Nessie Lessons Let Me Tell You About It [Hacienda Bridge email newsletter 170214] 12:39
Group of Seven Atlas Orating Avante Garde Greenhouse 17:15
Abdicant Perception Management In-Group 19:31
Gemini Revolution Sentient Basic Music Switching In and Out of Consciousness 27:34
Creeping Eruption Dichotomy Dichotomy 35:10
The Creeping Man Session for Phantom Circuit Session for Phantom Circuit 38:21
Unknown Angel A Short Melody for an Unknown Woman アイシテル 59:11
Perry Rosewood Citröen Melodie (Deux Chevaux) Citröen Melodie 1:00:36
My Brightest Diamond The Robin's Jar Bring Me the Workhorse 1:04:27
Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part I) Wish You Were Here 1:08:35
Pink and Black Sometimes I Wish (Dramadance USA Mix) Sometimes I Feel... 1:12:19
A Certain Ratio Spirit Dance acr:mcr 1:19:21
Conflux Coldwell HMS Albion The Phantomatic Coast 1:24:43