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Phantom Circuit #209a: A Phantom Circuit Mix for Secret Self

A mix by Phantom Circuit for the Secret Self radio show, with music by Palsekam, Eric Random, Der Plan, M, HermeneutecH, Tristesse de la Lune, Desiderii Marginis, Delerium, Swaying Smoke, Jodie Lowther, Księżyc, Squinancywort, Dissolved, Klaus Morlock, Pandacetamol, Marc Wilkinson, Redshift, Andre Tschaskowski and Panic Heart.

This mix by Phantom Circuit was broadcast in the Secret Self radio show on Seance Radio on 14th January 2018.

Secret Self is Simon Heartfield’s regular show for Seance Radio, “featuring primarily both old and new electronic music, but also modern classical, post-rock, ambient, soundtracks and more”. Find out more about the show on the station’s Web site.

Use the player above to listen to the mix, or see the help section if it is missing.

Playlist for A Phantom Circuit Mix for Secret Self

First broadcast by Seance Radio on 14th January 2018

Artist Track Source
Palsekam Selfish TXA
Eric Random Conspiracy Complete Words Made Flesh
Der Plan Die Verschwörung Die Verschwörung
M Keep It to Yourself The Official Secrets Act
HermeneutecH We Can Keep Quiet On
Tristesse de la Lune Geheime Zeichen Ninive / Time is Moving
Desiderii Marginis Secrets of the Future Past That which is Tragic and Timeless
Delerium Monuments of Deceit Faces, Forms and Illusions
Swaying Smoke Deceptions Hidden Beneath the Soil
Jodie Lowther Bury Bag Circles & Holes
Księżyc Zakopana Księżyc
Squinancywort Unearthed Forgotten Six Kinds of Slightly
Dissolved Seeing if You Remember Being Temporal Breathing
Klaus Morlock Please Reveal Yourself The Bridmore Lodge Tapes
Pandacetamol Revelation The Mystery of Spyglass Hill
Marc Wilkinson Angel Naked Blood on Satan’s Claw
Redshift The Last Thing We See Turning Towards Us
Andre Tschaskowski Personal Mood 2 Emotionally
Panic Heart Secret Selves Dumpster Baby