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Phantom Circuit #346: Gratitude

Phantom Circuit 346

Music by Music by Off Land, Ergo Phizmiz, Dick Maas, Overcome of Ultranoise, Simon Heartfield, Holger Hiller, Flying Music Group, John Barry, Warped Freqs, 555 Sounds, Zsarátnok Haszapiko és Szirto, Volapük, Gabe Knox, Klingons, The Klingons, David Gold, Annette, Icy Rainbows, Boards of Canada, Toxic Chicken and Sand.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Wednesday, 17 November, 2021.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Off Land Lost Gratitude Excursion 00:00
Ergo Phizmiz Mrs. Dumbo on the Escalator after a Few Pints Thank F*** For People Like Us 07:33
Dick Maas The Battle L'Ascenseur 13:37
Overcome of Ultranoise Ultranoise Battlefields Stryi Sessions 20:15
Simon Heartfield Courtsend Brief Unity of Time 25:27
Holger Hiller Mütter der Fröhlichkeit Ein Bündel Fäulnis in der Grube 30:34
Flying Music Group Sun Day Happiness 34:12
John Barry Which Way Is the Sun Boom! 37:24
Warped Freqs Blast Shifting Initiation 39:54
555 Sounds Water & ferrofluid initiate; dance for digital rain Live from Dirtmall 42:49
Zsarátnok Haszapiko és Szirto Greek Dances Folk Music from the Balkan 45:27
Volapük Une Femme aux Balkans Slang! 52:20
Gabe Knox Esperanto EP: B 54:11
Klingons The First Question Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde 58:28
The Klingons Temptation Official Guide to Scottish Minimal Synth 1979-83 1:02:46
David Gold Forbidden Fruit Image 1:07:46
Annette Pineapple Princess Hawaiiannette 1:11:02
Icy Rainbows Sidewalk Kings I See Rainbows 1:13:14
Boards of Canada Roygbiv Music Has the Right to Children 1:16:39
Toxic Chicken Merci Phantom Comfortable Music 1:18:47
Sand A Cosy Trance of Hibernation Sylph Ballet 1:22:33