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Phantom Circuit #219: Everybody’s Night

Phantom Circuit 219

It’s everybody’s night for music by Filmy Ghost, Jodie Lowther, The Outcast, Brioskj, Deux, Bojoura, Interbella, Deef, Drehton, Bleak Fiction, Frau Holle, Glenn Branca, Cisfinitum / Miguel Ruiz / Alexei Borisov, Ultramerda II and Horst Fischer. Is it not?

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on 12th June 2018

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #219

Artist Track Source
Filmy Ghost Gelid Corridors Cold Electronics
Jodie Lowther Hall of Faces The Blow Volume 4
The Outcast White Coat Compassion Faces and Images
Brioskj Created in the Image One Synth
Deux Everybody’s Night Agglomérat
Bojoura Everybody’s Day Night Flight, Night Sight
Interbella Coronal Mass Swallowed by the Sun
Deef Ein Sonniger Tag mit Dir Lebensbegleitende Musik
Drehton Mit Zwiebackpack Aus’m FF
Bleak Fiction Shrinking Spirits Unpacking from Their Journeys Some Desire
Frau Holle Ascending Souls Ascending Souls
Glenn Branca Structure The Ascension
Cisfinitum / Miguel Ruiz / Alexei Borisov Brown Framework Ornaments
Ultramerda II Cigno Nero (Lui L’Eroina) Il Silenzio Non Esiste
Horst Fischer Il Silenzio Trompeten-Serenade