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Phantom Circuit #189: With a Session by Kieran Mahon

With a session by Kieran Mahon plus music by Jeremy Stokes, Echo & the Bunnymen, Alcyon, Coil, John Inman and more.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #189

Available from 13th March 2017

Artist Track Source
Sati Mata Poyekhali Poyekhali
Kieran Mahon Jupiter Transit Pt1 Session for Phantom Circuit
Wizards Tell Lies Cursed Paths Lost King, After You
Anthony King Misty River Lost Star
Jeremy Stokes Out of the Mist Cold Morning
Dead Can Dance Song of Sophia The Serpent’s Egg
Diamanda Galas Free Among The Dead: Sono L’Antichristo The Divine Punishment
John Inman Are You Being Served Sir? Are You Being Served Sir? (7″)
Coil Going Up The Ape of Naples
Echo & the Bunnymen Going Up Crocodiles
Philips Research Laboratories Space Effects with Echo Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music 1956 – 1963
Kieran Mahon Jupiter Transit Pt2 Session for Phantom Circuit
Kieran Mahon Jupiter Transit Pt3 Session for Phantom Circuit
Pat Prilly / Jean-Jacques Perrey Escale sur Jupiter Moog Expressions
Alcyon Laplace TenAtom
Jean-Louis Bucchi Ganymede Sunflower
Matt Howden Europa for Lowell Voyager