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Phantom Circuit #308: Masque

Phantom Circuit 308

Music by Benvol, Tony Levin, David Torn & Alan White, Alessandro Barbanera, We Are the Wooden Houses, Abominations of Yondo, Secret Nuclear, Pharmakustik, Lost Valley VHS, Lost Valley VHS and Chuzausen.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Tuesday, 3 November 2020.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Benvol Homeless Animals (Inedit) EXPR Quarentine 00:00
Tony Levin, David Torn & Alan White Sleeping Horse Levin Torn White 05:09
Alessandro Barbanera Sleepless Haunted Houses 10:07
We Are the Wooden Houses Class Mask Song without a Song / Class Mask 16:07
Abominations of Yondo The Airborne Plague Clandestine 30:15
Secret Nuclear TX 7 TX Vol.2 37:14
Pharmakustik Electron Diffraction Grain Nucleation 43:55
Lost Valley VHS Wave from the Station Lost Valley VHS 50:35
Chuzausen Lost & Found Lost & Found 55:02