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Phantom Circuit #151: Dreams of Leaving

Music by Clair Obscur, Human League, Sans, Edgar Froese, Paddy Kingsland, Ars Sonor, Wizards Tell Lies, Elsie Carlisle, Dome, Heldon. Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft, Atom™, and Sheer Zed.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #151

Available from 17th November 2014

Artist Track Source
Clair Obscur Pilgrim’s Progress Dreams And Desires
Human League Dreams of Leaving Travelogue
Sans Dreams on Planes Farrago
Edgar Froese IF 810 Macula Transfer
Paddy Kingsland Aerodrone The Effects Machine
Ars Sonor INtrHDC Exit
Wizards Tell Lies Gone Gone
Elsie Carlisle Little White Lies Radio’s Sweetheart
Dome The Red Tent 1 Dome 2
Heldon Perspective III (Baader-Meinhof Blues) Heldon IV – Agneta Nilsson
Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft Der Sheriff Fünfzehn Neue DAF Lieder
Atom™ Im Rausch der Gegenwart 2 Liedgut
Sheer Zed Sunyata Swoon [excerpt] Incantations from Zedworld