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Phantom Circuit #368 - Comic Haunt Trip

Phantom Circuit 368

Music by Forest Robots, John Foxx, Its Lost, Pandacetamol, Filmy Ghost X Melcom, Orchester Ulrich Sommerlatte, The Residents, Necronomicon, John Louis Kluck, Mark Shreeve, Bit Cloudy, The Heisenburg Experiment, Zann Acoustics, Bruce and the Robin Rockers, Luis Mesa, Hydra Transmitter, 理科 棚, Kraftwerk and Univers Zero.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Friday, 23 September 2022.

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Artist Track Source Starts
John Foxx This City Metamatic 0:00:00
Its Lost Back Yourself Up I Don't Want This City to Be Destroyed 0:03:44
Pandacetamol A City Beneath Talking Pictures 0:06:16
John Louis Kluck Synthetic Dreams Talking Pictures 0:11:57
Luis Mesa Viaje Imaginario (Parte III) Alquimia Detras 0:18:38
Hydra Transmitter Transmute The Birds 0:22:00
理科 棚 空気 EP 0:25:13
Kraftwerk Airwaves Radioactivity 0:30:18
The Heisenburg Experiment Melanocetes Veromon 0:36:01
Filmy Ghost X Melcom Alec Holland Experiments Swamp Thing 0:40:48
Orchester Ulrich Sommerlatte Phantom Lady Orchester Ulrich Sommerlatte 0:43:49
The Residents Lizard Lady Duck Stab / Buster & Glen 0:46:56
The Residents Bach is Dead Duck Stab / Buster & Glen 0:48:45
Necronomicon Muscles Cramped in Pain For There is No Heaven 0:49:53
Bit Cloudy Endurance Free West Endurance Free West 0:57:13
Mark Shreeve Storm Column Legion 1:03:09
Mark Shreeve Pan-Galactic Anorak Collide 1:08:04
Mark Shreeve Moonwalk Phantom 1:11:11
Forest Robots All The Rivers Born in the Mountains Supermoon Moonlight Part Two 1:16:23
Univers Zero La Musique d'Erich Zann Ceux du Dehors 1:20:10
Zann Acoustics Night Sky Activity - Bracken Dub Night Sky Activity - Bracken Dub 1:23:13
Bruce and the Robin Rockers Give Them Zap, Old Chap The Batman Theme 1:26:11