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Phantom Circuit #321: 3-2-1

Phantom Circuit 321

Music by John Foxx & Louis Gordon, Dave Mono, Low Pass Killer, The Goodies, Veronica Green & ADJ, Blueonsilver, Michel Gonet, Gladbeast, Heavenchord, Heaven Deconstruction, Mathieu St-Pierre, Cardboards, Pink Industry, Cowboy Flying Saucer, Baird Hersey with Dave Liebman, Massimo Discepoli, Nautilus and Lab023.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Wednesday, 3 March 2021.

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Artist Track Source Starts
John Foxx & Louis Gordon Haunted Sideways (Deluxe Edition) 00:00
Dave Mono Upup Finally EP 06:49
Low Pass Killer The Last Beat Down Crust Funk 11:21
The Goodies Panic Funky Gibbon - The Best of the Goodies 12:54
Veronica Green & ADJ Green Monkey Sectioned v5.0 15:30
Blueonsilver Infinity Rush Infinity Rush 21:57
Michel Gonet Happy Smith Mondial Scoop 29:38
Gladbeast Parse Me a Dubplate Tangential Murderation 32:07
Heavenchord H.C.R.D.1 (dub44) H.C.R.D. 36:05
Heaven Deconstruction Numière Heaven Deconstruction 45:44
Mathieu St-Pierre It's Just a Number Online Messages in Cardboard Boxes 52:00
Cardboards Gravity's Still Working Greatest Hits Volume 2 58:30
Pink Industry Pain of Pride Dreams and Desires 1:03:18
Cowboy Flying Saucer Pink Moon IsoMusik 1:07:29
Baird Hersey with Dave Liebman Herds and Hoards Year of the Ear 1:11:01
Massimo Discepoli Pattern of Change Last Year, the Next Day 1:15:28
Nautilus [on Kahvi Records] Eye Nautilus 1:21:05
Lab023 Aquatic Mellow Space 1:25:20