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Phantom Circuit #270: Blustery Days

Music by Go Ask Alice, Download, Blastcraft, α Ori & Filmy Ghost, Phono Ghosts, Negative Neutron, Djamain Sisters, Carl Matthews, Daphne Oram, Helen Kane, Dissolved, Mister Keys, Illl, Tangerine Dream and Vic Mars.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #270

First broadcast by Resonance Extra on Thursday, 12 September 2019

Artist Track Source Starts
Go Ask Alice Ssssun! Ten Little Dreams (And One Bonus Nightmare) 00:00
Download 44 Days 44 Days 07:05
Blastcraft Diving into Matrix Upload Me to My Avatar 12:03
α Ori & Filmy Ghost Chaos in the Matrix (feat Mist Spectra) Glitch on the Matrix 15:13
Phono Ghosts L'amour and Her Hot-Wired Hands Warm Pad, Sharp Stab 20:03
Negative Neutron No Sharp Edges C:/NN/1 23:02
Djamain Sisters Ya Rasul Gema MTQ 26:11
Carl Matthews Harmony Call for World Saviours 30:57
Carl Matthews I Become You Oversoul 32:58
Daphne Oram Just For You (Excerpt 2) The Oram Tapes Volume One 35:16
Helen Kane I'd Do Anything for You The Boop-Boop-A-Doop Girl 36:40
Dissolved Fentrostic Girl Storm Septic Poet (Expanded Edition) 39:40
Mister Keys Eye of the Hurricane S27-X (II) 43:14
Illl Valley of the Wind S27-X (I) 49:06
Tangerine Dream The Mountain Road Sorcerer 53:42
Vic Mars Thistle and Briar Inner Roads and Outer Paths 55:21