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Phantom Circuit #16: Michael Nyman and William Furlong exhibition

A report on an exhibition of works by Michael Nyman and William Furlong at the De la Warr Pavilion in Bexhill, plus music by Fay Lovsky, Beat Frequency, Phew, Michael Nyman, Führs & Fröhling, Subtle Reign, Cultivated Bimbo and Tone Set.

The original announcement for the show, 24th March 2009:-

Show #16 features impressions of visitors to recent exhibitions of works by Michael Nyman and by William Furlong. That still leaves time for discordant electronic howling (just the way you like it), vintage synthpop, an ode to Spring and, of course, more.

This edition of Phantom Circuit is no longer available on Mixcloud, but most other editions are.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #16

Available from 24th March 2009

Artist Track Source
Fay Lovsky Paysage en Printemps JoPo in MoNo
Beat Frequency Void Ship The Chordless Chord
Phew Dream Phew
Michael Nyman Nose List Song The Kiss
Beat Frequency Gently Drowning The Chordless Chord
Führs & Fröhling Gentle Breeze Ammerland
Subtle Reign Recreation Ecstasy by Current
Cultivated Bimbo Booster Your Useful Guide to Life
Tone Set Life is Busy and So are We Calibrate