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Phantom Circuit #169: Dream Time

Music by Tauchsieder, Everything All at Once Forever, Equal Stones, Lucy McLean, I Wayan Sadra, Tangerine Dream, Midnight Circuitry, Jo Quail and Ron Geesin.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #169

Available from 2nd December 2015

Artist Track Source
Tauchsieder Eleven Year Loop Louder
Everything, All at Once, Forever 1204630260 (It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time) Phonological Loop
Equal Stones Time Flows Through You Horizon
Lucy McLean I Dream of You I Dream of You
I Wayan Sadra Snow’s Own Dream Karya (New Music Indonesia Vol.3)
Tangerine Dream Zeit Zeit
Midnight Circuitry Motown-East Clwydian Reels
Jo Quail South West Night Caldera
Ron Geesin Gentle Awakening Atmospheres