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Phantom Circuit #348 - featuring a session by Petridisch

Phantom Circuit 348

A session recorded for Phantom Circuit by Petridisch, plus tracks by The Zeropoint Projects feat. R P Sten, Kid Mania, Art Sonic, Evematic, Daphne Oram, Severed Heads, Rino de Filippi, Egisto Macchi, Petridisch, Keller, Dissolved, Brainquake, Massimo Discepoli, The Badgeman, Harold Budd with Zeitgeist, Group of Seven and Waveshaper.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Thursday, 16 December 2021.

Find more music by Petridisch on Bandcamp.

Correction: "wrasse" is a species of fish, not a place, and is pronounced "ras".

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Artist Track Source Starts
Petridisch Zone 4 Z O N E S 00:00
The Zeropoint Projects Feat. R P Sten Zona пикник 05:38
Kid Mania Roadside Picnic пикник 12:36
Art Sonic Buffalos Roadside Sketches 15:18
Evematic Bisonogram Bisonogram 17:29
Daphne Oram Encephalagraph The Oram Tapes Volume One 22:25
Severed Heads Spastic Crunch City Slab Horror 25:03
Rino De Filippi Spasmo Psichedelico Ritmicolor 27:53
Egisto Macchi Batteri Bioritmi 30:28
Petridisch Session for Phantom Circuit Session for Phantom Circuit 36:36
Keller Dirty Dish Marmony Sizzling 54:58
Dissolved Wrasse Cleaning Station A Seismic Illustration 56:28
Brainquake Brutal Coincidence Excess Denied 1:02:28
Massimo Discepoli Cycle of Coincidences Last Year, the Next Day 1:09:19
The Badgeman Crop Cycle Ritual Landscape 1:15:13
Group of Seven Temple of Man Avante Garde Greenhouse 1:19:03
Harold Budd with Zeitgeist She Has the Glassy... She is a Phantom 1:23:32
Waveshaper Reconnected (Outro) The Phantom Machine (Original Soundtrack) 1:27:04