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Phantom Circuit #28: We raise hymns to the stars

Phantom Circuit 28

The selection of music this time made this edition particularly fun to put together and it shows. We continue to feature some of the excellent new releases from netlabels and reveal some demos you probably haven’t heard before but also cast our ears back to a variety of old tracks and mark the passing of Les Paul.

Music by The Phantom, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Bertrand Burgalat, Mathis, Cousin Silas, Gregory Conte, Gurdonark, Pandacetamol, Section 25, Josef Nadek, Paul Horn, Lightwave, Dee D. Jackson, Kraftwerk, Aleatorix and John Callaghan.

First broadcast 18th August 2009

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Artist Track Source
The Phantom Love Me Love Me (7″)
Les Paul and Mary Ford Jealous Jealous (7″)
Bertrand Burgalat Jalousies et Tomettes OK Bertrand
Mathis Neighbour Forgotten Like a Silent Ray [demo]
Cousin Silas A Moment of Reflection Uncertainty
Gregory Conte Deep Blue No-R-Mal
Gurdonark Rough Green Snake No-R-Mal
Pandacetamol Snake Eyes The Mystery of Spyglass Hill
Section 25 View from a Hilltop (Restructure) From the Hip
Josef Nadek Hymn Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque
Paul Horn Fulfillment: Psalm 8 Inside the Great Pyramid
Lightwave Hymn for the Guild of Astronomers Tycho Brahe
Dee D. Jackson Meteor Man Cosmic Curves
Kraftwerk Kometenmelodie 2 Autobahn
Aleatorix Microbit Synclayer
John Callaghan I Respond to You like I Respond to Music [demo]