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Phantom Circuit #263

Music by Blick|Trio, elAstrum, Black Robert, Leaving Richmond, Gwasg Gelert, Wintereason, EE7A, Jeremy Stokes, John Pfeiffer, Nux Vomica, The Unknown Sound Collective and Pat Prilly.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #263

First broadcast by Resonance Extra on Thursday, 25 July 2019

Artist Track Source Starts
Blick | Trio Ascension EP2 00:00
elAstrum Epic Rise & Fall e-Waves 05:08
elAstrum All-Union Radio e-Waves 10:09
Black Robert Close but No Cigar Alliance 14:01
Leaving Richmond Waves of You Great Distances 19:34
Gwasg Gelert Ar y Briffordd Rwan Y Côd Da Vinci 23:18
Wintereason Ambyroad Ambyroad 24:59
EE7A Sacrifice No Summer 38:00
Jeremy Stokes Temple Reflections 43:49
John Pfeiffer Reflection of a String Electronomusic: 9 Images 46:33
Nux Vomica [San Francisco] Summon A Single Thread of Sound from the Woven Tumult 49:14
The Unknown Sound Collective (Mourning Dove & Cheerup & Danielle & Evan & Jon & Les Enfants & Djimon) A First Flower Blooms in the Darkness While We Were Away 53:46
Pat Prilly Frontières de l'Inconnue Moog Expressions 57:00