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Phantom Circuit #359: Sunsets

Phantom Circuit 359

Twilight sounds of the serene, reflective, noisy and alien. Music by In Vitro, M4kia, Swoone, Robert Rental, Sternenspringer, Halogen Star, Broke Popes, André Brasseur, Exoplanet Numbers Station, Faestos, Swansither, Toxic Chicken, Nobuka, Death Tape Super Bass, Doomlode, Pat Prilly, The Instant Automatons, Oberlin, Whettman Chelmets, Nad Spiro and Stina Nordenstam.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Thursday, 19th May 2022.

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Artist Track Source Starts
In Vitro Deriva Adentro Deriva Adentro 00:00
M4kia When Sun Comes Out Grayscale 06:46
Swoone The Sun has Died Handcuffed Heart 09:25
Robert Rental Double Heart Nervous Systems 14:27
Sternenspringer Doppelparallel Antipode 17:49
Halogen Star Sunset Valley (Extended Version) Treetrax Volume One 25:23
Broke Popes Shoe Magnet (Feat. Lunar Cambridge) Treetrax Volume One 30:22
André Brasseur Blue Moon Spécial Orgue Hammond Vol. 2 32:45
Exoplanet Numbers Station PH2 b Exoplanet Numbers Station 36:06
Faestos Orbital Station Gaia Prime Departure from Sol 40:32
Swansither Interstice Inner Space 46:11
Toxic Chicken Robots in Outer Space World Lobit Tribute to Gagarin (Microbit Split # 7) 52:01
Nobuka Miniatüre 02 Miniatüre 57:41
Nobuka Miniatüre 10 Miniatüre 59:37
Death Tape Super Bass Electric Manic Electric 1:00:56
Doomlode The Nuclear Laundry The Nuclear Laundry 1:08:30
Pat Prilly Washing Machine Moog Mig Mag Moog 1:09:22
The Instant Automatons The Machine Takes Over Eating People - Hints for the Housewife 1:10:22
Oberlin Dymaxion Variation #1 Dymaxion Variations 1:11:41
Whettman Chelmets Where We Met. We Married Right Out of School. Joan 1:16:18
Nad Spiro Side B - Musgo Gang L'important 1:19:56
Stina Nordenstam Now That You're Leaving Dynamite 1:26:34