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Phantom Circuit #154: A Trip in the Dark

Music by Plasticon, Communicon, 2ndMOUSE, Greg Truckell, Mig Inc, Medicine Man, Anne Cessna and Essendon Airport, Air Protection Office, Ted Atking and Quest.

Use the player above to listen. If it’s missing or you can’t hear anything, see the help section.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #154

Available from 2nd May 2015

Artist Track Source
Plasticon No. 61 (Rothko) No. 61 (Rothko)
Communicon This Never Happened 1 This Never Happened
2ndMOUSE Omega Communiqué
Greg Truckell Mousey Mousey Journey to the End of Night
Mig Inc 01 Un voyage dans le noir
Medicine Man Lost Nightmare
Anne Cessna and Essendon Airport Lost In Madagascar Talking To Cleopatra (7”)
Air Protection Office Moabit Moabit
Ted Atking Official Attente Kaleidoscope
Quest Outside Looking In (demo)

The airplane image is a detail from ‘Airplanes in the night sky’ by Marcus Quigmire, used under the terms of the licence.