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Phantom Circuit #338 - It is the Journey that Matters in the End

Phantom Circuit 338

Music by Masaru Satoh, Frohm, Headboggle, Ursula's Cartridges, Ichiko Hashimoto, Circuit Aesthetics, Benny Kalama & the Hawaiian Village Serenaders, Jean Michel Hervé, PJ Harvey, SIGHUP, The Gaye Device, Alu, Andrew Heath, Front Line Assembly, Distant Fires Burning, Mimi Ivanova & Start and FM.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Saturday, 4 September 2021.

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A correction to an announcement in the show: the track by Jean Michel Hervé is from 1983.


Artist Track Source Starts
Masaru Satoh Osaka in Flames Godzilla Raids Again 00:00
Frohm Cendres Scraping Beats Compilation 03:02
Headboggle Embers Digital Digital Analog 08:00
Headboggle Skywriter Digital Digital Analog 08:53
Ursula's Cartridges म बिहान कुरा घृणा (БЯЗДКБЗДТ ЯЗМiЖ) Future Unknown 10:26
Ichiko Hashimoto I Love Your Music Beauty 14:17
Circuit Aesthetics Echo Closed Curve 18:00
Benny Kalama and the Hawaiian Village Serenaders Na 'Lii Echoes of Hawaii 22:11
Jean Michel Hervé Manhattan Town 23:58
PJ Harvey We Float Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea 26:29
SIGHUP City Import City Passage 32:36
The Gaye Device Undream Export Audio 38:58
The Gaye Device Dark Fantastic Ingress Egress 41:42
Alu Lijeva Ruka Tame Alu 50:34
Andrew Heath Shadows and Half Light Found . Assemble 57:19
Front Line Assembly Rebels in Afghanistan Total Terror Part I 1:05:33
Distant Fires Burning Book of Rebellion Inperspectycon Vol.1 1:10:19
Mimi Ivanova and Start Distant Fire Mimi Ivanova and Start 1:21:33
FM Stop! Con-Test 1:25:00