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Phantom Circuit #4: Superflash to Soundclash to sound Czechs

Music by Martine, Naqqara & Salsabil, Elektriktus, Renegade Soundwave, Logic, Isao Tomita, Neuropolitique, Plastic People of the Universe, D!Rock, Mindhole and BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #4

First broadcast 23rd October 2008

Artist Track Source
Martine Part 4 introduction Superflash
Naqqara & Salsabil Raks-i Misri Oriental Percussion, Rhythms and Music
Elektriktus Second Wave Electronic Mind Waves
Renegade Soundwave The Phantom Soundclash
Logic Clash (Chinjyu of Sun) Logic System
Isao Tomita The Gnome Pictures at an Exhibition
Isao Tomita Mercury, the Winged Messenger The Planets
Neuropolitique Mind You Don’t Trip Nomenclature
Plastic People of the Universe Magicke Noci Egon Bondy’s Happy Hearts Club Banned
Plastic People of the Universe Otče Pašijové hry velikonoční (Passion Play)
D!Rock Numiks3 We Are Wazzotic
Mindhole Hatred We Are Wazzotic
BBC Radiophonic Workshop Time to Go BBC Radiophonic Music