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Phantom Circuit #30

Phantom Circuit 30

A double-length edition featuring a live performance of improvised electronic music by Fonik plus tracks by Martin Dupont, Exit to Exist, T.Power, Stress Pill, Soft Verdict, Halo XVI, Insides, Księżyc, Gate Zero, Kemialliset Ystävät, Moral, Karikas, Katia Guerreiro, Kenny Rogers, Yulia Savicheva, t.A.T.u., Michael Nyman and Annette Hanshaw.

As you will hear in the show, it was expected at the time that this would be the final edition of Phantom Circuit! But of course, Phantom Circuit did return!

Available from 31st August 2009

Hear part 1 of the show on Mixcloud

Hear part 2 of the show on Mixcloud


The first hour

Artist Track Source
Martin Dupont Just Because Lost and Late
Martin Dupont Hidden Inside Essai
Exit to Exist Wrecked in Autumn Harbours
T.Power Lost in Japan Mutant Jazz
Stress Pill Harder Ground Harder Ground
Soft Verdict Struggle for Pleasure Bel80
Halo XVI Soft G-Skin The Sixteenth Hour
Insides Skin Divers Euphoria
Księżyc Lalka Księżyc
Gate Zero Autumn Walk Black Dust
Kemialliset Ystävät Tervehdys, Roskasakki! Harmaa Laguuni
Moral Slottet I Luften And Life Is…

The second hour

Artist Track Source
Karikas Átokdal A Breeze Bearing Sorrow
Katia Guerreiro Canto Da Fantasia Tudo Ou Nada
Fonik [live in Birmingham 22nd August 2009] [live in Birmingham 22nd August 2009]
Kenny Rogers She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye Collection
Yulia Savicheva (Юля Савичева) Зима Оригами (Origami)
t.A.T.u. Chelovechki Veselye Ulybki (Happy Smiles)
Michael Nyman (voice: Lucie Skeaping) Bird List Song Michael Nyman
Annette Hanshaw That’s Just My Way of Forgetting You Volume 5