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Phantom Circuit #231: An Udder Green World

Music by Marilyn Roxie, Sevenism, Fellirium, Red Plane, Natural Life Essence, Jodie Lowther, Lezet, Bisamråtta, Heaven Deconstruction/The Young Gods, Carl Matthews, Queen Adreena, Wet Taxis and Doctor Ellis.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #231

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on 29th November 2018

Artist Track Source
Marilyn Roxie Raphael Vulpiano Records Sampler EP Vol. 9
Sevenism Hold Your Eyes Open Recorded Dreams
Fellirium Green-Eyed Thief Imprints
Red Plane After Five Among the Trees Mask
Natural Life Essence Tree Transportation Dream (Part I) Plants and Trees
Jodie Lowther Dream of the Melting Plane The Blow Volume 4
Lezet Adjoining Planes Pt. 2 (Original) Curds 2
Bisamråtta Sky with Milk Bisamråtta (EP)
Heaven Deconstruction (The Young Gods) Numière Heaven Deconstruction
Carl Matthews Eochaid Tuath De Danaan
Queen Adreena Are The Songs My Disease? Taxidermy
Wet Taxis Doll Hospital Taxidermy
Doctor Ellis Transmission Happy at CERN