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Phantom Circuit #353 - Under Western Skies

Phantom Circuit 353

Music by Montel Palmer, Low Altitude, Lycia, Swartz Et, The Sales Department, Toxic Chicken, George Melachrino and His Orchestra, D. Greenfield & J.J. Burnel, Distant Fires Burning, Andrew Sprrw, Information Ghetto, Hypnos, Eric Siday, Kaneda Aka Tetsuoka, Métal Urbain, Petridisch, CJ Mirra and Skipism.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Thursday, 24 February 2022.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Montel Palmer Wave Coming In Catastropheland 00:00
Low Altitude Ionia Waves 07:43
Lycia Desert Ionia 12:47
Swartz Et Department of the Interior Desert Meditations 17:29
The Sales Department Maybe Another Time Broken Records 26:57
Toxic Chicken Good Times Bunny Cool Bunny 32:59
George Melachrino and His Orchestra Cool Water Under Western Skies 36:53
D. Greenfield & J.J. Burnel Consequences Fire & Water (Ecoutez Vos Murs) 38:42
Distant Fires Burning Inperspectycon (He Can Jog's Second Book of Regeneration) Inperspectycon (He Can Jog's Second Book of Regeneration) 42:58
Andrew Sprrw Mirages Must Book 52:00
Information Ghetto Mirage Magnetic Position 55:23
Hypnos Delusion Cleaner Vindictiveness 59:34
Eric Siday Hypnosis Musique Electronique (IA 250) 1:06:16
Kaneda Aka Tetsuoka Place Chaptal Electronic Tales of an Electric City 1:08:09
Métal Urbain Panik Panik (7") 1:13:21
Petridisch Das Todesopfer (Death Song) Exhibition on Europa 1:15:33
Petridisch Handlied (Hand Song) Exhibition on Europa 1:17:50
CJ Mirra Don't Be The Show A Banquet 1:21:56
Skipism Little Dish Sound Stitches 1:24:19
Skipism For Observation Sound Stitches 1:28:29