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Phantom Circuit #340 - Grade A

Phantom Circuit 340

Music by Blear Moon, Jan Pieter Geersing, Headboggle, Lezet, Talk Talk, A Wave a Mouth, Albinotron, Wóma, AlzAlya DrOwL, The Human League, San Mateo, Elli & Jacno, Infinity Room, Piero Umiliani, Audraulic, Visitors, Emilian Gatsov and Eko_Fisk.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Friday, 17 September 2021.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Blear Moon 11,600 Years Ago Split 00:00
Jan Pieter Geersing Jarrish Analogue Age 04:07
Headboggle Rhythm Piano Digital Digital Analog 08:31
Lezet Prepared Piano Pieces 7º and 9º with Pangea MELD6 09:42
Talk Talk New Grass Missing Pieces 15:06
A Wave, a Mouth In an Unfinished Domed Echo Chamber Vigil 24:06
Albinotron 2am Chest Pain Glitchwave Vol. 1 30:31
Wóma Three Drones (Three) Three Drones 34:05
AlzAlya DrOwL Three Moons Geometry of Moon 42:05
AlzAlya DrOwL Morph Limit Geometry of Moon 44:37
The Human League Zero as a Limit Reproduction 46:37
San Mateo Re-Evolver Sonet Ring 50:41
Elli & Jacno Le Téléphone Les Nuits de la Pleine Lune 57:00
Infinity Room Planeta Tropospheric Scatter 1:01:00
Piero Umiliani Funesti Presagi Atmospheres 1:04:38
Audraulic Where the Auguries Lie The Empty Infinite 1:07:04
Visitors Empty Rooms Empty Rooms 1:17:18
Emilian Gatsov Empty Room through the Omegle Camera MFPWNWFOI 1:19:42
Eko_Fisk Lens Atoll 1:27:50