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Phantom Circuit #319: Experiments

Phantom Circuit 319

Music by Langax, The Instant Automatons, an uncredited artist, Cacero Lazo, Harold Budd with Zeitgeist, Andrew Heath, NNYz?, Nicolas Tourney, Emerald Suspension, The Tenth Planet, Ralph Kinsella, Fa Le Brou, Whoknowswhocares, Fields Ohio, Runningonair, Cassilda and Carcosa, 0781KT, Harueda Mizu, Baradit and Ougenweide.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Wednesday, 17 February 2021.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Langax Dusty Love - Halted Instant Remix Dust 00:00
The Instant Automatons Electronic Music Weird Noise E.P. 04:54
(?) [uncredited artist] Electronic Teletype [1] AML-803 07:55
Cacero Lazo O' love in the time of lowercase 08:10
Harold Budd with Zeitgeist Breathless... She is a Phantom 01:39 1994 13:11
Andrew Heath Breathe Lighting Beacons 14:24
NNYz? Tenebral Tenebral 23:27
Nicolas Tourney Night Chapel Intervisibility 26:37
Emerald Suspension Oddly Even (Radio / Video Edit) ≤ 15 28:50
The Tenth Planet Hanging by a Thread Hanging by a Thread 32:20
Ralph Kinsella T(h)reads Lessening 35:07
Fa Le Brou She Cares Less Penrose 41:06
Whoknowswhocares Delysid 95 Digital Family Vol.8 44:50
Fields Ohio Drugged Pedestrians H I N T E R L A N D 53:11
Runningonair Partition 4 Track Tapes 85-86 57:06
Cassilda and Carcosa No Masks ?! Tubes, Transformers, Transistors, and Tape 1:01:13
0781KT 1 Harmonious Electrons 1:03:58
Harueda Mizu Atom Desert Song 1:13:39
Baradit Experiments Monophonic Songs 1:18:36
Ougenweide Ein Leis und Traurig Lied Herzsprung 1:22:53