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Phantom Circuit #215: Seventh Heaven

Phantom Circuit brings you your first chance to hear tracks from the forthcoming album by Sieben along with the new sounds of Revbjelde, Buckner Building, Wizards Tell Lies, Dublock, Sevcom All Stars, Tom Ellard, Petridisch, Ivan Black, Confessor and Bloodkry.

Use the player above to listen to the show, or see the help section if it is missing.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #215

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on 10th April 2018

Artist Track Source
Revbjelde Cloister (Keith Seatman Mix) Remixes Rarities Live & Remixed
Buckner Building How Come That Blood Beasts and Fowl Demo
Sieben Coldbloods Crumbs
Wizards Tell Lies Loris Toxin Bad Nature
Dublock Epsilon Corvus Sirius Tau
Sevcom All Stars Aversion 2 (Megamix) [extract] Aversion 2
Tom Ellard Holler Plus Publicist
Petridisch Vocal Interlude II Rêve d’un Rêve
Ivan Black Juggernaut We are Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on
Confessor May Your Dreams Come True Proxima B
Sieben Forge a Better World Crumbs
Bloodkry Dark Paradise Dark Paradise EP