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Phantom Circuit #202: With a session by D.N.P – Dub Not Pop Division

Chris Downing’s D.N.P now has a dub division and its debut session is in this edition of Phantom Circuit along with the sounds of Monty Python, Boobs of DOOM, IOK-1, Nuclear Whale, Frau Holle, Joy Division, Danielle Dax and Eric Random.

Use the player above to listen to the show, or see the help section if it is missing.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #202

Available from 26th September 2017

Artist Track Source
Monty Python A Scottish Farewell Contractual Obligation Album
Boobs of DOOM Nihilism – Thanks for Nothing… 07. (((WHITE NOISE)))
IOK-1 катастрофа Visor om Tjernobyl
Nuclear Whale Flarepath The Looming Machine
Frau Holle Propaganda Machine Ascending Souls
Joy Division Heart and Soul Closer
D.N.P – Dub Not Pop Division Communion Session for Phantom Circuit
D.N.P – Dub Not Pop Division Dub Not Pop Session for Phantom Circuit
Danielle Dax Here Come the Harvest Buns Pop-Eyes
Eric Random Wide Eyed Two Faced
D.N.P – Dub Not Pop Division Thank You Holger Session for Phantom Circuit